The house is located near Fons sur Lussan, a beautiful authentic village in the Provence (Le Gard) with 250 inhabitants from 15 different countries. It has a lively culture and a café-brasserie and épicerie (open all year) within walking distance from the Mas (1,2km). 
Surrounded by unspoiled nature as far as the eye can reach Mas le Clos Souris is the perfect hideaway to relax, to enjoy local gastronomy, to taste lovely wines, to sport, to throw a private party or to organise an event – coming together with family, friends or colleagues.
The house belonged to the artist Joseph Szabo, who worked and lived there until his death at the age of 85. One can feel the exceptional place right away and understand why an artist can be inspired there. Mas le Cos Souris will also host artists in residence. The house was renovated entirely by architect Vincent Fordel, in a beautiful collaboration with Siegrid Demyttenaere and Chris Eeckhout, founders of FonsAndré. Photographer Jean-Pierre Daudier is the housekeeper offering everyone a warm welcome.
20 km from Uzès
50 km from Nice
60 km from Avignon
75 km from Arles
100 km from Montpellier or Saintes Marie de la Mer (Camargue)… 
All perfect for day-tripping.